The Elephant In The Room: The Rise of Sexism, Racism, and Nationalism in America

The fundamental equality of people and the extension of liberty and justice for all, regardless of religious view, color of skin, gender, etc. are two of the the most cherished values upon which the United States has been established. The corrupt American presidential campaign of 2016, with its disturbing rise of a Machiavelian mogul into the presidency, has unleashed a dark undercurrent of racism, sexism, and nationalism, an ignorant trio of world views that represent a grave threat to our values of liberty and equality.

We must bring a keen awareness to both the national and local stages, shining a light on the elephant in the room. The first step in the resolving the dissonance of divisive identity politics is to bring awareness and intelligence to the issue.

There is an undeniable unity behind the chaos of duality. We can easily observe that we are one species, on one planet, and we are all in this together. This is a simple truth. The idea of nation states, the idea of races, and even our ideas about economies and marketplaces should first be recognized for what they are: ideas, thoughts. There is nothing fixed about these ideas, they are subject to collective agreement, and are constantly changing. The USA is an invention of the human imagination, and has changed its borders throughout its history.

Nationalism, in practically any form it takes, is an ideology of dissonance, and tyranny. There is an essentially false quality to the line of reasoning. The nation state is subjective, not objective. It’s not real or permanent, and should only be understood in utilitarian terms. A nation is merely an instrument for the organization of civilization. A nation is not an end in and of itself.

The very premise of American nationalism is absurd. The United States did not exist prior to 1776, every citizen is an immigrant, with they exception of indigenous groups, and the defining characteristics of the nation state are plurality, and unity of diverse political entities. If one is to truly love America, as a concept, as a “nation-state”, then one would reject nationalism as inherently Un-American, and one would seek to extend the American project of free speech, free travel between states, freedom of religion, equality of sexes and racism, democratic representation, these American values should be extended to create a United States of Conciousness, a united planet.

These qualities of division: xenophobic, racism, sexism, and nationalism, are in fact, they very tyranny which the USA, whatever it is, has also sought to overthrow, to transcend.

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