Liberation of Humankind: The Revolution Begins With Each Of Us

The intellectual concept of libertarianism has been grossly distorted in our time and is presently confused with anarcho-capitalism, a philosophy which grants liberty to corporations and wealthy, privileged individuals while creating various forms of slavery for the rest of humankind.  The essence of libertarianism is liberty, therefore any political philosophy which compromises the liberty of individuals in favor the liberty of corprations is not a pure form of libertarianism.

Libertarianism is rooted in the fundamental truths of our freedom and equality as human beings.  Human Rights are of primary concern for the libertarian.  The balance of the freedom of the individual with the rights of others is what we call liberty.  While we are free to harm others, we are not at liberty to do so, and thus killing, stealing, etc. are not liberties. In fact, they are forms slavery that deprive another being of liberty and bind the perpetrator to loss of liberty through incarceration.  Our liberties are thus defined as those freedoms which do not impinge upon the rights and freedoms of others.


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